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Inside Scoop on Pilates: Beginning Matwork for iPad

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By jsa2010

Inside Scoop on Pilates: Beginning Matwork for iPad

Scoop Tab

Inside Scoop on Pilates: Beginning Matwork for iPad

Exercises Tab

App Name:

Inside Scoop on Pilates: Beginning Matwork


Carve Gybe Software

iTunes Link:


Developed Using: (XCode, Corona, Etc.)


Key Features:

- Professional Pilates Matwork instruction on 18 exercises, including modifications, with Hi-Res photos of each

- 8 Chapters of information, from General Guidelines to Spine & Lower Body

- Tips for Success and complete audio guide for each exercise

- Test your knowledge; Quiz yourself on all exercises and modifications

- Full 50 minute Pilates audio class

- Includes Glossary of Piles terms and lingo

App Description

The Inside Scoop on Pilates: Beginning Matwork is written by Erin Chase Alexander, a Pilates instructor certified on all Pilates apparatus, with training in both Classical and Contemporary styles of Pilates, and over 10 years experience teaching Pilates in gyms, health clubs, and studios. It provides the inside scoop on how to get the most out of Pilates exercises, general tips for success, do’s and don’ts, and details in depth 18 beginning matwork exercises. The information provided is what you could expect to learn from taking months of private sessions.

The Inside Scoop: Beginning Matwork is presented in four tabs: “The Scoop”, “Exercises”, “Quiz”, and “Class”. The “Scoop” tab includes a detailed introduction on Pilates, an in depth discussion on the guiding principles, and body mechanics, of all Pilates exercises, and includes a glossary of Pilates lingo. The “Exercises” tab covers 18 beginning exercises in-depth, including the main focus of each exercise, how many repetitions for each, the starting position, the breath pattern with corresponding movement, tips for success to get the most out of each exercise, modifications, and modifications with props.

For quick reference one can listen to an audio teaching of the exercise, that includes tips for success. Also included are photos of the full version of each exercise, along with photos of modifications with and without props. The “Quiz” tab quizzes you on your knowledge of the names of the exercises, what modifications are used for each exercise, and what the focus is of each exercise. The final “Class” tab is a full audio class leading you through the 18 exercises covered in the “Exercise” section. Links for more information on the most well known Pilates methods, and their teacher training is also provided.

Tips and Tricks

  • Pilates is a daily practice - try focusing on a single execise, modification or concept at a time
  • Quiz yourself regularly
  • Be completely mindful in your practice - dont rush in any way

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