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OmniBlaster for iPad

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By robmiracle

OmniBlaster for iPad

Take on enemy fighters and capital ships.

OmniBlaster for iPad

Pick up the Red asteroid to recharge your shields

App Name:



Rob Miracle

iTunes Link:


Developed Using: (XCode, Corona, Etc.)

Corona SDK

Key Features:

Tilt Based Play

An unlimited number of unlockable levels

OpenFeint integration with Social Networking

In game objects to empower your ship.

App Description

Omniblaster has its heritage in arcade classics like Space Invaders, Asteroids and Galaga, but has been updated with modern graphics and game play based around mobile devices. With easy to use controls and varying and increasing level's of difficulty, OmniBlaster can provide you endless hours of fun.

Tips and Tricks

  • Pick up the colored rocks to get temporary boosts.
  • Use your torpedoes to do more damage to larger objects.
  • Play at higher difficulty levels to score higher points.

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