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The Skull for iPad

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By Mike Thornton

The Skull for iPad

Ready. Aim. Fire!

The Skull for iPad

Watch out for spikey eyeballs

App Name:

The Skull


Playberries and Massive Photon

iTunes Link:


Developed Using: (XCode, Corona, Etc.)

Corona SDK, Corona Cipr, IntelliJ

Key Features:

Chilling dark graphics

Spooky, funky music

Fun, fast gameplay

It gets more difficulty and faster the further you go

Endless runner with a macabre sense

App Description

The Skull is an endless runner...er roller. You've died and lost your head. However, you are trapped on the earth in a endless night searching for your missing body. The Skull is shot out of a cannon giving you a boost to roll around collecting magical orbs and body parts. Rolling uses up magic so you need to fly up and collect orbs to replenish it. But flying uses even more magic so you must fly wisely.

There's plenty of obstacles to avoid. The further you go, the harder they are to pass. Press the screen to fly, let go to drop and roll. Watch out for spikey eyeballs. They watch you everywhere you go and pack a nasty punch that sucks away your magic when you hit them. Run out of magic and your chance at coming back to life ends.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use gravestones and arrows to boost you high in the air and collect a bunch of orbs
  • The white bubbles will give you invincibility and lets you kill eyeballs for a sweet bonus
  • The longer you hold the screen, the higher you fly. But fly wisely, it uses magic.
  • If you reach 10,000m you are very good at this game

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