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Readers Respond: Favorite iPad Game

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The iPad is quickly becoming one of the top mobile gaming devices in the world. With a bigger screen than the iPhone and the support of the world's largest app store, there are plenty of great games to enjoy. Which iPad game is your favorite?

Brigands and Barbarians HD

For iPad RPGs also try Brigands and Barbarians HD for old school action! http://AppStore.com/BrigandsAndBarbariansHD
—Guest Zenfar

Ark Assault HD

Ark Assault HD ... new tower defence game... if u failed one level u will play until u win... nice graphics also.
—Guest suzu

Best tower defense

Kingdom rush, jelly defense and field runners are by far the best ones.
—Guest iPad gamer


I love brain games and Brainjewel is a really neat one with many mini games
—Guest Gregory


It has to be scribblenauts remix because it is beast
—Guest ts251

Match Up

Match Up is a cool retro memory game for the iPad.
—Guest Tombo

another favorite game

I've been playing a lot of Triple Entendre which is probably the hardest puzzle game i've ever played. Similar to "notpron" and "qwizzle."
—Guest Jimmy

Favorite Game

What about Ratio - The Puzzle? It's a little bit tricky, but you will have fun.
—Guest Ratio


You didn't mention Avadon from Spiderweb Software, this is a massive RPG based on the classic dungeon crawling of yesteryear.
—Guest RPG fan

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