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From the article: The Best RPGs for the iPad
The iPad is quickly becoming one of the top mobile gaming devices in the world. With a bigger screen than the iPhone and the support of the world's largest app store, there are plenty of great games to enjoy. Which iPad game is your favorite? Name Your Favorite Game!


my fav game is the sims freeplay yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
—Guest jam

Flappy Bird

Although flappy bird was taken down from the App Store, I LOVE IT ! I will never EVER delete it

Epic Wars in Time

Nice simple strategy game, single player, tower defence style
—Guest Mike

Licking Letters on iPhone

Definitely one of the best spelling games for kids, my children love it.
—Guest Mary Howerslitz

Celtic Heroes

Best mmo on iPad/iPhone. Try it, you'll love it! Awesome playable characters, great weapons, many special weapons and upgrades to find.
—Guest Chickentooth


Just wanted to say theat uh think teh best game is Surfer one. Thanks
—Guest patric reuben

Favorite game

Candy crush is my favorite......I so love this game.
—Guest G

High Five Casino

Great games . I enjoy !!!!! Can I get this on I Pad?
—Guest Eddie D.

Best math app

Definitely try this one - Medieval Math Battle. https://itunes.apple.com/gw/app/medieval-math-battle/id710107950 Our students are ADDICTED. Also on android.
—Guest TechTeach


Instagram is so awsome i love it! awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome
—Guest lickerish

3d racing game

Discovered a neat 3d racing game - Exhilarace A must play for the pure racing enthusiasts - very realistic handling that takes some skill to master!


The best movie trivia game is MovieCup by far! It's multiplayer, quick, and has tons of cult scenes to play with!

Doolz: Video Games

We love doolz: video games - its a trivia app with all video game questions
—Guest Joseph

Very addictive game: knights and dragons

What I like a lot about this game is that it has a decent amount of variety without getting too complex. There is some level of multi-player throgh tournaments, guild wars (upcomming) and adding friends allows you to take advantage of higher level players to help you get a kick start. The game developpers also add new functionalities in the game regularly, so it gets addictive. They just add the concept of guilds. You can add me as a friend if you wish some higher-lvl support at the beginning? It can also help you with an early quest at the tutorial. Friend code: XBC-VQV-PXG. You will be welcome in our guild as well. Like i said before, give it a chance, it is addictive. The game is very stable also. Note. A tip for beginner. The key is building strong armors quickly using the lowest amount of gold. There are good armor enhancement tutorials on the web to learn the basics. It is useful. I am building my own spreadsheet at the moment. Have fun. Don't forget to add friend
—Guest Panchorad

Fishing Paradise 3D ---AWESOME FUN

This game is addictive,great graphics fish global locations catching exotic species and grow your own lake raise fish,host tournaments win prizes and more Very Very cool -iOS,Android,Facebook and Amazon devices-- A Blast to play

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Favorite iPad Game

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